Trilingual nursery and international kindergarten in Cracow

We invite children aged 1 to 7 to jointly explore the world and learn foreign languages in a natural way, just like if they were learning their mother tongue.
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    Nursery is the best time to learn foreign languages. Until the age of three we are talking about early bilingualism or trilingualism.

    The child learns the language in a natural way as a mother tongue if “immersed”, “surrounded” by the language, and associating one person with the language.

    This is how children learn in our nursery. Children can continue to learn languages ​​in the international kindergarten ITSC.


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    The original program of trilingualism

    In the nursery and pre-school we implement an educational program that we have developed ourselves. The program enables our one-year-olds from nursery through the entire primary school to continue their education according to the standards of six educational programs:

    • American Common Core
    • British National Curriculum (EYFS-Early Years Foundation Stage)
    • Finnish National Curriculum
    • French Programme d’Enseignement de l’Ecole Maternelle
    • Polish National Curriculum
    • IB program (PYP-Primary Years Programme)

    Each of the above programs has strengths and weaknesses. Comparing the standards of 6 curricula allowed us to determine the highest educational standards for each subject and for a given age group. We follow these standards.

    The curriculum and topics are common to the three languages ​​taught.


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    Example of the language and daily schedule

    The secret of teaching three languages in the nursery and international kindergarten is directly linked to a regular daily routine and taught the curriculum. Have a look at our daily plan and a weekly three languages schedule in our nursery and pre-school in Cracow.

    Daily plan

    7.30 – 9.00Arrival and free play
    9.00 – 9.30Breakfast
    9.30 – 10.15Educational activities in a given language
    10.15 – 11.15Outdoor plays/walk
    11.15 – 12.15Educational activities in a given language
    12.15 – 12.35Main dish
    12.35 – 14.30Nap
    14.30 – 14.45Soup
    14.45 – 16.30Educational activities in a given language
    16.30 – 17.00Snack
    17.00 – 17.30Children’s departure/free play

    Example languages timetable




    Class room

    Trilingual nursery and pre-school fees 2019-20

    Enrollment FeeOne-time paymentPLN 1920Payable when Enrollment is approved
    TuitionMonthly paymentPLN 1950 Until the 5th of each month
    Daily payment (only during the declared holiday months)PLN 109
    Second and subsequent children reduction-10%
    FoodDaily Meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea)PLN 18,20Payment at the end of each month based on the invoice

    ITSW faculty

    Our faculty is composed of teachers who are native speakers in a given langue of instruction and qualified to teach a particular age group of students (nursery, pre-school, primary).


    English-speaking teacher


    French-speaking teacher


    Polish-speaking teacher


    Polish-speaking teacher